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Performers Studio was launched in 2003 to provide support, live performance venues and instruction for aspiring and working musicians in the Potomac Highlands of West Virginia and Maryland as well as the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

Over sixty concerts and open mics have been produced in concert halls, coffee houses, restaurants and private homes. Mostly local talent have been showcased however, performers have been booked from as far away as Austin, TX; Huntsville, AL; Nashville, TN and Washington DC.

Performers Studio is currently developing new facilities for rehearsal and performance space as well as an exclusive private mountain top amphitheater overlooking West Virginia, Virginia and Western Maryland.

Performers Studio and LD Brown Arts says thank you to WVSB-FM Radio, The Romney Bottling Works, The Hampshire Review Newspaper, The Bank of Romney and The Cumberland Times News for supporting this public service performing arts project during it's early years.

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Ruger Borror - Songwriter


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